Publishing and emails

Connecting an Existing Domain

To connect an existing domain: 1. Hover over PUBLISH (right hand corner of the editor page) 2. Click ‘connect an existing domain’ 3. Enter your domain (only the naked domain – 4. Connecting your existing domain also requires changing the DNS Records in your registrar so that the domain will point to our servers […]

Optimizing your site’s SEO

XPAGEFY’s website building tool is SEO friendly and allows you to promote your website easily. To optimize your site’s SEO in search engine results: 1) In the editor, click on SEO at the top bar.   2) An SEO window will open. Insert your site’s title, description and keywords and click Set.   The keywords […]

How to open an email account

Any premium client can open free email accounts associated with their domain (like if you purchased your domain from us, no need to do this – we will set the email up for you, just send us an email. To open an email account, follow these steps  – ———- Step 1: ———- Go to and click […]

Heroku message – No such application

The Heroku message means your domain’s DNS are properly set, but the domain is not connected properly through the editor. Please load the editor, hover on publish > update live site > change domain > add the naked domain ( and click Connect. Make sure you do not have any extra spaces or letters and […]