Advanced Editing

Adding an Icon Stripe

The icon stripe will allow you to add an icon/logo to your site. To add an icon stripe: 1. Click on the “+” sign and choose “icon” A default icon will appear. 2. Left click on the icon and choose Replace Icon. The left menu will open 3. Choose to either upload your own icon […]

Adding a Featured Stripe

If you have something you’d like to showcase, promote or put a spotlight on on your site, the Featured stripe is a great option for you to use. The Featured stripe contains one or more elements, each one assembled by an image and its text (Title and Body). To add a Featured stripe: 1. Click on […]

Adding a Promo Stripe

The Promo stripe will allow you to present the “gist” of your site. Locating it as the top stripe on your site will assure that it will be the first thing that your visitors will see. The Promo stripe can also behave as a slideshow if more than 1 item is added to it. A Promo […]

Adding a Gallery Stripe

A Gallery stripe contains several gallery items, each assembled by image and its title. To add a gallery: 1. Click on the “+” sign and choose “gallery” 2. To rearrange the gallery items, click one of the items, hover over the third option (square icon), and use the arrow keys to move the item. 3. To add […]

Adding a Contact Stripe

If you are looking to allow your site’s visitors to have easy access to you, one recommended way is to add a contact form to your site. The Contact Stripe contains 2 fields: the contact text (Title, Subtitle and Body) and a submit button (a label item). To add a Contact Stripe: 1. Click on the […]

Adding a Blog Stripe

To add a Blog Stripe: The Blog stripe contains 3 blog items. Each item is assembled by an image, its text (title and body) and a label (link to the post). 1. To add a Blog, click on the blue ‘+’ sign to add a stripe, and choose one of of the option under the […]

Adding a Twitter feed to your website

In order to embed a twitter feed to your XPAGEFY website you first need to create a widget on twitter. Go here: Click ‘Create new’, and run through the configuration settings. When you’re done hit ‘Create Widget’. You’ll then see a new box with HTML code in it:   Copy that code, and go to […]

Change position of elements

In order to keep the awesome responsiveness of XPAGEFY websites we don’t let you move elements wherever you like (trust us, we tried that). Instead, you have 3 ways of moving elements around. These 3 options should make it easy to place the elements wherever you like on the page: 1) Change order of elements. […]

Adding Slides & Images To Slideshow

To add more slides to a slideshow, click the existing slide, hover over the third option in the popup menu (Item Settings), and choose Clone Item. Under the Item Settings submenu, you can also find the option to delete slides – the red x – or rearrange their order – the left and right arrow buttons. You can change your slideshow’s behavior […]